Maarit Maria represents Finnish design and Finnish manufacturing. The brand values Finnish domestic workmanship, ecological choices, and the highest of quality. These values are implemented in everything Maarit Maria produces.

The ecological approach is based on product longevity and durability, including the replaceability of many furniture parts. The materials are carefully selected to stand the test of time. Because the products can be assembled without tools, it is easy to replace parts. At the same time this assemblability guarantees maximum logistical efficiency, with no need to transport just air

This approach is extended to the sourcing of materials, with the plywood coming from certified forests. Furthermore, plastic is not used at all in the products or in their packages, not even in the parcel etiquette and in the adhesive tape.

Finnish workmanship encompasses the whole concept, design, manufacturing, materials and the packages.

To guarantee impeccable quality, the products are finished manually and every product is examined before packaging.