I am Maarit Hirvaskoski, an artisan carpenter and a mother. I have sketched furniture designs for years, sometimes on paper, sometimes on 3D model, sometimes just in my head. Nature and animals are important to me, and I do not compromise on the ecological requirements that I place on my products and the processes related to them. The most important single factor, however, in creating a product is the visual design. I believe that visually balanced, yet interesting and eye-catching visual look can be found, even if it sometimes takes frustratingly long time. Only through patience one can reach the joy of finding.

Maarit Maria came to being as a result of my persistent reflections on a table that could be easily assembled and taken apart to pieces again. Then, one day it dawned on me. I ran home, drew the basic concept, built scalemodels - and the V-table was there. Finnish plywood was the obvious choice for material, not least because of its beautiful looks. I preferred Finnish domestic production from early on, including packages. I wanted products made up of removable parts, allowing transports in as flat parcels as possible, and requiring no tools for assembly. The V-table was soon accompanied by a larger K-table. My latest product is S-rack, in bent plywood. It is challenging to produce, but works well as a rack or as a small shelf. Or, just as an eye-catcher. The S-rack is crafted semi manually in proud Finnish craftmanship heritage.

I am thankful to my close ones and to those brilliant colleagues and partners, who have helped me on this journey. Alone, I would not have made it.

- It is nice continue from here, with both new and old ideas.